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There is no shortage of production companies and producers making shows today. But what sets Hit + Run apart from the crowd is our unique approach to working with talent, shaping creative, and producing premium content.

We take pride in handcrafting our shows, and the projects we create are truly bespoke.  We constantly challenge, refine, and improve our ideas to ensure that every series we produce is as good as it can be.​ 


It's not always the easiest approach, or the fastest, but we believe in putting in a hard day's work... breaking the rules... and challenging convention.

Why do we do it?  Because we're not looking to create the same ol' stuff.  We're driven to forge our own path and produce head-turning content we, our families, and our partners can be proud of.



Good ideas are a dime a dozen. But knowing how to share them with the world, and engage an audience is a subtle art.

We pride ourselves in figuring out how to tell stories that nobody else has cracked.

We love coloring outside the lines, throwing out convention, and finding ways of telling stories that will stand out from the crowd.


We've worked on series with everyone from Yelp, to NASA, NFL athletes, and legendary musicians.  

We do not take a "plug and play" approach to working with talent.  We want to collaborate with our partners to shape creative around them and their individual story.  


Our content is anchored in personal storytelling, and the characters we work with put their stamp on everything we produce.  


No two shows are the same, so why do some production companies take a cookie cutter approach to making them?  


Before we start production on each show, we develop a production model that sets it up for success. 


That means determining the best approach for aesthetic style, equipment, support staff, on down.  

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